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Short introduction for our customers from abroad

We are providing Hard- and Software support for customers throughout Germany, Europe and worldwide.

We provide data recovery (all media, USB storage device, HDD, Harddisk, RAID array, Floppy disk, Cell phone) worldwide (personal pick up or recovery in your location). Virus removal. Forensic data solutions.

We developed a RAID encrypted portable data solution - so your data is both secure and safe.

We help companies and individuals with the setting up and maintenance of their network.

If you are interested in Linux assistance (rollout, LinuxMCE and Linux on the desktop), please contact us.

If you are interested in buying Debian Linux, you will find an english order form at www.hinner.de/linux.

If you want us to distribute your hardware or software products, please send us E-Mail in English or German and exactly describe your product and financial terms (please add EU and CE certification).

If you would like to know more about our service, please write: infow@hinner.de

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